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Notepad is the text editor application. It makes easier for anyone to write and save notes quickly. It usually come together with Windows or Mac operating systems. But sometimes we need to use Online Notepad. There are many options available on the Internet but our one is the best Online Notepad in Internet world.

Online Notepad

What makes it the Best Notepad on Internet?

The functions associated with the Notepad is amazing. We are more focussed on building the best user interface. So, we made it very simple to use. Furthermore, it supports a lot more features than the native Notepad application present in your Windows or Mac PC. In addition, it has some extra features which are not in the ordinary notepad. That's why it is recommended among all other web-based notepads. Read further to know about it's features.

Features of Online Notepad

Advantages of using Online Notepad

There are a lot of reasons that will shift you from the ordinary Notepad towards the Online Notepad. Firstly, an Online Notepad will not use the resources of your computer. In this situation, your memory is conserved. Most importantly convenience is the key factor here. You can use it whenever and wherever you want. From now you don't have to open your PC for creating some text files. Just open the Notepad tool and that's it. Start typing!

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