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Some mathematical calculations are very complex. You need to spend a lot of time and effort in order to find the answer. Sometimes, simple looking calculations also yield the wrong answers due to our negligence. Online Calculator was invented to fight against these dilemmas. Therefore, the Calculator makes our work very simpler. Even more, we can get Fast calculations and accurate results.

Here, we are talking about the best Online Calculator. It has many functions. You can use this online math calculator for any type of mathematical calculations. Like addition, multiplication, subtraction, etc. We will talk in detail about all the functionalities of the Online Calculator.

Features of the Online Calculator

Online Calculator


The Online Math Calculator lets you add numbers. You can easily perform an addition between two or more numbers. For that, firstly, enter the first number. Then press the "+" (addition) button. After that enter the second number to be added. For the result press the "=" (equal to) button.


The Online Math Calculator lets you subtract numbers. The subtraction between two or more numbers can be performed. Put the subtraction symbol between the numbers you want to find a difference. Be specific with signs. Whenever you subtract a small number and a greater number. Then the result is negative.

For example: 5 - 9 = -4


Multiply numbers easily with the online calculator. Enter the first number. Put the 'X' (multiply) sign. Together with the other numbers. The answer will be displayed within seconds. Undoubtedly it will be 100% true.


Dividing numbers or fractional multiplication can also be easily and conveniently achieved. It allows you to easily divide numbers. Here, you should also be aware of the numbers. Numerators and denominators should be placed carefully. Otherwise, surely you will get the wrong answer.

Square Root Function

Finding square roots of a number is no more a hassle. Our calculator lets you determine square root very fast. Obviously without any calculation. At first press the √ button. Then enter the number whose square root you want to find. After that press the equal to sign to see the square root. Alternatively, you can also find the square of any number. By just simply multiplying it by itself.

For example, the square of 5 will be 5 x 5.

Power Function

Calculations like 23, 54, 92 and so on can be also done using the online math calculator. This can be achieved by the xy function. Firstly enter the number (base). Then press the xy to enter the superscript. Finally, press the "=" (equal to) for an answer.

There are more useful functions. Like percentage, inverse, exponent, and parenthesis. The function of all is the same as in the mathematics world.

Navigation and Editing tools

There are buttons which don’t involve in any mathematical calculations. They are used for navigation and editing.

Advantages of Online Calculator

  1. Using a calculator will save your time and effort. The manual calculation takes much more time along with effort. So, it is better to go for an easy solution.
  2. Manual calculations can yield errors. The probability of getting an incorrect answer from the online calculator is zero. On the condition that you enter all the input numbers correctly. Also, take care of the mathematical operators.
  3. Another important advantage of using the online math calculators is that you can use it anytime and anywhere. The 24 x 7 readiness makes it very convenient. Just you need an active Internet connection. Also, a device to access the Internet. Now, you are ready to use the best Online Calculator for Maths.

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