Decimal to Fraction Calculator - How to Convert Decimal to a Fraction?

Decimal to fraction calculator online. How to convert decimal to fraction? This is the one-stop solution to convert it by a simple process with formula. Even more, you will find the conversion table here.

Final Conversion Result:
Decimal to Fraction Calculator - How to Convert Decimal to Fraction?


From childhood, we were very fascinated with numbers. Remember your mathematics class when you were a kid. Playing with numbers was easy and fun until numbers with points arrived. Yes, the decimals! Then we moved ahead of decimal to fraction. Now, these all have become very common things.

Well, let’s do a revise. Decimal is values like 2.56, 31.03, 0.004 and so on. On the other hand, fractional values are like 1/4, 1/2, 3/8, 100/990 and so on.

To convert decimal into fraction look at this example.

Decimal: 0.5
Fraction: 1/2

What does it mean? If we divide 1 by 2 then we get the answer 0.5. It was a very easy example thou. Some calculations can be very complex. So, for that, you can use our decimal to fraction calculator. Even more, we will know how to convert it in this article.

How to convert Decimal to Fraction?

For conversion, it's important to know about Units after the decimal. Let's understand it with simple example.

0.123: Here, 1 comes at tenths, 2 comes at hundredths and 3 comes at thousandths, so on.

Now, let’s find out the fraction of 0.35.

The last digit is 5 which is at the hundredths place. Hence we would have to multiply and by divide by 100.

(0.35 * 100) / 100 = 35/100

After that simplify the results to get the final fraction. In this case, it is 7/20.

So, the fraction of 0.35 is 7/20.

Example #2

What is the fraction of 1.5?

Here the last digit is at the tenth, therefore, we multiply 1.5 by 10 and divide by 10.

(1.5 * 10) / 10 = 15/10

The following result can be simplified to get 3/2 which is an improper fraction. At last, we can convert it into a proper fraction to get 112.

Hence the fraction is 112.

Example #3

Now, let's count the fraction of 4.125.

Here the last digit is at the thousandth place therefore we multiply and divide 4.125 by 1000.

(4.125 * 1000) / 1000 = 4125/1000

After simplification and converting into a proper fraction we will get 418.

4. Convert 0.0767676... to fraction:

x = 0.0767676...

100x = 7.6767676...

100x - x = 99x = 7.6

990x = 76

x = 76/990 = 38/495

5. convert 0.375 as a fraction

0.375 = 375/1000

gcd(375,1000) = 125

0.375 = (375/125)/(1000/125) = 3/8

6. convert 0.625 as a fraction

0.625 = 625/1000

gcd(625,1000) = 125

0.625 = (625/125)/(1000/125) = 5/8

7. convert 0.875 as a fraction

0.875 = 875/1000

gcd(875,1000) = 125

0.875 = (875/125)/(1000/125) = 7/8

How to use Decimal to Fraction Calculator?

  1. Most importantly our decimal to a fraction is an online calculator. Therefore you will need an active internet connection.
  2. Also, a device which can access the internet. Then on the browser open Decimal to Fraction Calculator
  3. As the website loads up you are all set to go.
  4. The input box will ask you for the decimal number. Enter the decimal number which you want to convert into a fraction.
  5. After that click on 'Calculate' to show a result.
  6. Your decimal number will get converted into a fractional number.

This is a very easy way to convert decimal to fraction. Along with the results, you will also get the full process displayed.

Process to convert repeating decimals values to fraction

Example of repeating decimals are 0.66666666..., 4.7628888888... The main problem is entering these numbers. As the last digits keep on repeating forever.

For example, you want to find the fraction of 0.44444..., so then enter 0.4 in the input box. Since 4 is only the digit which keeps on repeating, therefore, enter 1 for decimal places for repeating. This option is present below the input box. After that simply click Calculate to find fraction.

Convert negative decimal values to fraction values

We already know how to convert decimal to fraction. Now, let’s know how we can change a negative decimal into fraction. Here a simple rule is followed i.e.

If x = y, then – x = – y

So to find the fraction of – 1.5 just simply enter 1.5 in the input box and click calculate. Consequently, you will get the results in positive. You can later write is as negative wherever you want. It makes no sense for the system when you enter the decimal with a negative sign before it.

However, if you need the answer to be in negative just simply put a negative sign to the fraction when using. But for getting the results you should not include any signs. Remember the rule which is discussed above.

Decimal to Fraction Conversion Table

Decimal Fraction
0.00001 1/100000
0.0001 1/10000
0.001 1/1000
0.01 1/100
0.08333333 1/12
0.09090909 1/11
0.1 1/10
0.11111111 1/9
0.125 1/8
0.14285714 1/7
0.16666667 1/6
0.2 1/5
0.22222222 2/9
0.25 1/4
0.28571429 2/7
0.3 3/10
0.33333333 1/3
0.375 3/8
0.4 2/5
0.42857143 3/7
0.44444444 4/9
0.5 1/2
0.55555555 5/9
0.57142858 4/7
0.6 3/5
0.625 5/8
0.66666667 2/3
0.7 7/10
0.71428571 5/7
0.75 3/4
0.77777778 7/9
0.8 4/5
0.83333333 5/6
0.85714286 6/7
0.875 7/8
0.88888889 8/9
0.9 9/10
1.1 11/10
1.2 6/5
1.25 5/4
1.3 13/10
1.4 7/5
1.5 3/2
1.6 8/5
1.7 17/10
1.75 7/4
1.8 9/5
1.9 19/10
2.5 5/2


So, it was all about decimal to a fraction calculator, basically an online calculator. We also explained how to convert decimal into a fraction. Also mentioned the steps needed to use the calculator. It will make your work very easy. Manual calculations are prone to mistakes. On the other hand, here there is no scope for calculation mistakes.

The full calculator is made using programming algorithms. For each decimal, they execute the same algorithms. From a computer, you can't expect an error because it works on some predefined algorithms. The calculator is easy and interactive to use.

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