Fraction to Decimal Calculator - How to Convert Fraction to Decimal?

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Fraction to Decimal Calculator - How to Convert?

Everywhere everyday you surely encounter fractions and decimals. They are the best way to represent parts. Things which can’t be represented in terms of the whole number. However, things become confusing when it comes to converting Fraction to Decimal.

But now surprisingly you will not have to worry. Our Calculator is the best tool that can help you for converting the fractional numbers to decimals.

Fractions: 5/2 , 3/2 , 1/2 , ...
Decimals: 2.5, 1.5, 0.5, ...

There are many mathematical ways that we can use to convert fractions to decimals. The most efficient way to convert the fractional to a decimal number by expanding the denominator to the power of 10.

How to convert Fraction to Decimal?

First of all, let's take some examples to understand it.

Example #1

Let's convert 2/5 into decimal form. For this, you will have to expand the denominator to the power of 10. As here the denominator is 5 so the nearest power of 10 can be achieved by multiplying numerator and denominator by 2.

(2 x 2) / (5 x 2)= 4/10 = 0.4

Example #2

Now, let's change 5/25 into decimal form. Here, the numerator is 5 and the denominator is 25. To expand denominator in the form of power of 10 we need to multiply numerator and denominator by 4. As 25 multiplied by 4 gives 100.

(5 x 4) / (25 x 4) = 20/100 = 0.2

Long Division method can also be used for changing a fraction to decimals. This method is applicable to all types of fractions. Moreover, this method is useful for finding recurring decimals.


Using the long division method to determine the decimal value of 4/5. When you go through the long division method the decimal value will be 0.8. Consequently, this method can also be used for other fractions.

Similarly, you can also find decimal of 4/5 using the previous method.

(4 x 2) / (5 x 2) = 8/10 = 0.8

These calculations may look simple but in real life, you will surely need to deal with much more complex fractions. In that case, the fraction calculator is most useful.


  • There is undoubtedly no match when it comes to speed. Manual calculations take up very much time as compared to the calculator. In our calculator, the time elapsed for any calculation is just seconds. Simple calculations might be easier. While the long fractions will take much more time. By using the calculator, you will save your time. Besides that, it will also save your effort too.
  • Also, when it comes to accuracy unquestionably calculators perform far better as compared to the human brain. The Fraction into a Decimal converter tool is programmed. For every problem, it uses the set of rules defined to convert into decimal. On the other hand, in manual calculations, there are possibilities that your final answer can be incorrect because our brain is prone to doing mistakes. It’s an unavoidable fact. However, for 100% correct result just use these tools.
  • Availability is also undeniably a key factor. This fraction into decimal converter can be accessed through your mobile, laptop or any other device. These smart devices are always present with you most of the time. Hence, it becomes more feasible to do calculations using the tool rather than the pen-paper.

How to use the Fraction to Decimal Calculator?

Till now you have known about how to convert fractions into a decimal manually. Furthermore, now you also have an idea about the advantages of using this converting tool. It saves time and effort. Also, very much accurate. You can’t expect the wrong decimal value if your input fraction is correct.

Now it is time to know how we can use this online tool. As mentioned this is an online tool. Therefore, an Internet connection is necessary. Along with that a device that can access the Internet is also vital. Once you are done with it follow the steps given below.

The user interface of the online tool is made very simple. So that anyone can easily operate it. Just open your web browser and visit the fraction to decimal. When the website is completely loaded look for the input box.

There are two input boxes each for numerator and denominator. Enter the numerator and denominator value in respective places. Then click on the button which says "Convert". Within a few seconds your decimal value will appear below. However, if you entered the wrong order of numerator and denominator then there is also an option to swap the values. To repeat a new conversion just press the "Reset" button.

Fraction to Decimal Conversion Table

Fraction Decimal
1/2 0.5
1/3 0.33333333
2/3 0.66666667
1/4 0.25
2/4 0.5
3/4 0.75
1/5 0.2
2/5 0.4
3/5 0.6
4/5 0.8
1/6 0.16666667
2/6 0.33333333
3/6 0.5
4/6 0.66666667
5/6 0.83333333
1/7 0.14285714
2/7 0.28571429
3/7 0.42857143
4/7 0.57142858
5/7 0.71428571
6/7 0.85714286
1/8 0.125
2/8 0.25
3/8 0.375
4/8 0.5
5/8 0.625
6/8 0.75
7/8 0.875
1/9 0.11111111
2/9 0.22222222
3/9 0.33333333
4/9 0.44444444
5/9 0.55555556
6/9 0.66666667
7/9 0.77777778
8/9 0.88888889
1/10 0.1
2/10 0.2
3/10 0.3
4/10 0.4
5/10 0.5
6/10 0.6
7/10 0.7
8/10 0.8
9/10 0.9
1/11 0.09090909
2/11 0.18181818
3/11 0.27272727
4/11 0.36363636
5/11 0.45454545
6/11 0.54545454
7/11 0.63636363
8/11 0.72727272
9/11 0.81818181
10/11 0.90909091